What is this?

iiimg.co is a free, on the fly, scalable image resizing service. It's simple to use and does not require an account. I made it because every app needs it, and free stuff rules.

How does it work?

The service lives at x.iiimg.co and accepts 4 parameters: url, height, width, and convert. The url is the only parameter required. If no convert parameter is found, the content type header on the original image is used to infer the image type. If height and width are ommitted, the api returns the original dimensions, or scales the image down to the maximum height/width of 4000px preserving aspect ratio.

Here is an example that resizes a stock photo to 300px wide and converts it to png format:



Scalable eh?

Images are only resized once the first time they are requested. Subsequent requests for the same image size are served from a CDN edge cache. The back end autoscales instances in order to accomodate increased load and traffic spikes.


Currently, gif, png, webp, and jpg are supported input formats, while png, jpg, and webp are the supported outputs. I plan to add support for more formats at some point.

Who are you?

I am Nathan.